31 August 2010

Holy Yerushalyim


21 Elul 5770

Shalom to all the good Jews!

I want to encourage you to take heart, my brother and sisters, precious Children of Israel. For when Jerusalem is the center of everything, the end of our bitter exile is very, very near.

With blessings from Tzion~

29 August 2010

Letter from a Giyoret


19 Elul 5770

Dear Am Yisrael,

We have a Torah mitzvah not to oppress or hurt the convert,

RAMBAM---Negative Mitzvah 252: It is forbidden to hurt a convert's feelings
Exodus 22:20 "You shall not wrong a stranger." A "Ger" (or "Giyoret") is a person who converted to Judaism and took upon him-or herself to keep the Torah and Mitzvot. We are commanded not to hurt his feelings or say anything that may cause the Ger to be embarrassed or feel uneasy.

With that in mind, read the following letter which I received from a giyoret asking why so many Jews from the so-called "National Camp" had become so deeply involved with Christian missionaries. She gave me examples that would no doubt shock those who are unaware of this tragic problem that is running rampant like a plague among the klal.
Dear MW,

I am crushed; crushed under the weight of a nightmare that doesn’t end. When I was yet a small child, my parents, with the best of intentions, sent me to a school once a week and two weeks in the summer, where I was indoctrinated into a cult. They brainwashed me, lied to me, told me that my father would die a horrible death if I could not convince him to believe the lies that they had force-fed to me. They made me believe night was day and light was dark.

Like some kind of intellectual or spiritual pedophiles, they sought out children especially---preyed upon them by way of the school and the summer camp and parties that they would throw to lure in new members. They held me captive in the darkness of their lies for thirty years of my life. Then, with God’s help, I saw a small light that was struggling to survive. It was enough to guide me out of the maze of deception and set me free from the bonds of this cult and I escaped.

I was so traumatized by the experience that I wanted to put as much distance as possible between me and the cultic pedophiles. I wanted to live and breathe in the light of day and cling ferociously to the truth for the rest of my days. So, I said good-bye to everyone and every place I had ever loved and went to the place where the light of truth shines brighter than any other place on earth. I found a family whom I felt I could trust and they took me in and made me like one of their own. In time, the cult caught up with me. They infiltrated my new home. They dressed like the natives of the land and spoke the new language and pretended to have the light though the darkness remained at the core of their being.

I began to see them everywhere. There was no place I could go to escape them. But the nightmare really started again when I came home and they were sitting at my table. My new family had accepted them into our home and began to enumerate for me all their wonderful qualities and to tell me how fortunate we were that they had come to us offering friendship because no one can have too many friends.

I tried to warn them; my new family. I cried and I told them how much it hurt me to have the nightmare thrust back upon me in so cruel a fashion. They laughed at me and told me I just didn’t know them; that these were really good people. Each time the cult arrived to visit, they brought money with them; money and more money.

My new family went into business with the cult and began traveling all the way to the other side of the world to visit with the cult and teach them the secrets of the light. No matter how hard I tried, I could not convince them that the darkness needs the light as a disguise to lure in more innocents like myself. And then I saw the children and I wondered who would protect them from this evil cult. They won't stop until the whole earth is corrupted with their perversion of the truth. And now they are targeting my last hope to raise my own children in the light.

This is why I sit crushed today under the weight of a nightmare that won’t end. The cult is insatiable and its lies are so easy to swallow especially when they come wrapped in the sweet money. Someone tell me. Is there really no hope to live free of the cult of Christianity?

It saddened me to have to answer her as follows...

"...Not until Mashiach comes. But when he does, look out!! All of the false cultic religions and those who are attached to them will be swept away!"