26 September 2010



18 Tishrei 5771

Moadim l'simcha!

Would you like to listen in to a conversation between Mashiach and HASHEM? Such a conversation was recorded thousands of years ago by David Hamelech. Read the portion of Tehillim designated for CHAI (18) Tishrei----88 and 89. (Notice how the number eight figures so prominently.)


16 September 2010



8 Tishrei 5771

I know it's a daring thing, but I feel that strongly about it. While we are asking the Master of the Universe for mercy and forgiveness and that we, our loved ones and kol b'nei britecha---all of the members of our holy covenant---be written and sealed for a good new year, I want to ask that the names of the Erev Rav, our worst enemies, those traitors from within, have their names erased and without any further delay!

B'nei Yisrael are persecuted, expelled, and murdered. And what do the 'esteemed' leaders do? They can't give our holy land away fast enough. I hate them with an everlasting hatred.
RPT-Clinton: Netanyahu, Abbas "getting down to business"

Mitchell to hand Assad Netanyahu's proposed Golan withdrawal map


05 September 2010

The Season of Peace


26 Elul 5770

Shalom uvracha from Tzion,

Have you wondered why it seems to always be davka at this time of year that new pressure is applied upon us to make peace with our enemies? We know that Rosh Hashana is the birthday of the world and the coronation of the King of kings and also Judgment Day for the whole world. But did you ever think of it as the season for making peace?

If we are doing our spiritual work correctly, we will be going to everyone we have wronged and apologize or make restitution and ask for forgiveness. What is this if not making peace amongst ourselves? And when we have done that, then we go before HaKadosh Baruch Hu on Yom Kippur and do the same thing and make peace with our Father in Heaven.

This is really the message that Heaven wants the Jewish Poeple to receive at this time of year, but because the nations are so very impure, the message they project comes out perverted into making peace with those who would destroy us, God forbid!

If every Jew would simply humble himself and put his own ego into submission before Hashem who is ONE (Aleph), then we could instantly turn this dark and bitter exile (גולה) into redemption (גאולה).

In this season of shalom, may the Holy One grant his perfect peace to all good Jews everywhere. Amen!

Shana tova~

02 September 2010

Response to Terrorists


23 Elul 5770

Shalom, Dear Children of Israel,

If only there really were shalom in our world, but the day will come according to the promise of the Holy One. Until then, we must fight the battle and not get tired or discouraged. Peace will surely come.

Until then we must understand that we are at war. And we must be fully cognizant of who the enemies are. And we must not be afraid to say so.

I've been reading the various reactions to the renewal of terror on the roads. My own precious children travel those roads! I cringe when I read that the proper response to these attacks is to build more. This warped, galutish thinking must stop! This is the inane babbling of a slave people who have no other recourse. Raise your eyes above the gutter where your psyche is living and see what a free people does.

And you who say "deport" the monsters. How humane you are to mass murderers! You've assimilated Western thinking so well.

The ideal is for mass murder to be met with mass murder. Do the holy words of Torah that you hear every week go only in one ear and out the other?

This evil Erev Rav regime which aids and abets the mass murder of Jews and the evil Eisavian regime in Washington which arms and trains them....if we do not bring them to the justice that they so richly deserve, then the Master of the Universe will.

There is Judgment and there is a Judge!!