24 October 2010

A Pox on the Erev Rav!


17 Cheshvan 5771

The vast majority of Jewish leaders in this generation are Erev Rav, both in Eretz Yisrael and in the Diaspora. How much more so the leadership of the Reform Movement!! Not only have they no regard for Jewish life or Jewish continuity or Jewish destiny, they have no regard whatever for the Creator or His Holy Torah!!!
Probe Urged Into Tzefas Rabbi For Alleged Racism

The Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC) has demanded that Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein launch a criminal investigation against Safed’s Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu for incitement to racism. The demand comes after Eliyahu’s recent halachic adjudication against selling or renting out apartments to Arabs. A conference on the same theme was held last week by Eliyahu and fellow rabbis who share his view.

“These sentiments are prohibited by law, and worse tenfold when they are expressed by a public figure in an official capacity – as Rabbi Eliyahu is,” the IRAC wrote to Weinstein. “The exploitation of the religious and public status given to a city rabbi, and using the money of the religious council [which hired the convention hall where the conference was held] in order to express racist opinions, severe enough by themself, necessitate your urgent probe.”
(With thanks to Yeshiva World News)

One arm of the Erev Rav calling upon the other arm of the Erev Rav to unite and drive Torah Jews from the world. May they all be destroyed together along with all the enemies of Am Yisrael and HKB"H!! ASAP!!!


15 October 2010

The Struggle Between Rebels and Loyalists


7 Cheshvan 5771

I came across an article on
Ynet this morning that set me to thinking. It's entitled "Rabbis committed to Torah, not democracy." Check out this quote:

"Professor Yedidya Stern...vice president of the Israel Democracy Institute, agreed that rabbis have the right to free speech, just like any other citizen, but warned against a situation where they present their positions as 'the Torah's position' and a source of binding Jewish law."

I mean, is it not the job of a rabbi to present "the Torah's position"? And is any rabbi worthy of the title going to present a position which is contrary to the Torah's position? And what the man is saying essentially is no matter what position the rabbi takes, it is to be considered only his opinion carrying no more weight than any other "citizen."

This is the fundamental problem with democracy as I see it.

Allow me to backtrack a bit. Most people have bought into the lie that each generation is higher than the previous one. But our sages tell us otherwise---that each generation is lower. Technological "advancement" does not equate to quality of life. But that's a subject for a different blog.

Democracy is seen as the pinnacle of Western contributions to world improvement. Did you ever stop to ask yourself if it's true? I don't believe it is and I'll tell you why. Under democracy, each man sees himself as his own little god; his own ultimate authority. That authority is expressed in his vote. Everyone is entitled to his opinion which is sacrosanct. Freedom to do just as one pleases is the ultimate value of a democracy.

In a democracy, there is no absolute right or wrong. There is only what the majority will allow. It fosters chaos and nowhere is that more apparent than in countries where the world's foremost democracy---America---has gone about destabilizing regimes in order to spread democracy around the world. They do it, not out of any care for the people as they claim, but because it is easier to manipulate democracies for their own benefit. We see in Israel's parliamentary democracy how the government is paralyzed because of party politics and unable to accomplish anything of value. The politicians, when they aren't accumulating their ill-gotten gains for the time when they are out of office are spending the rest of the time positioning themselves to remain in office.

The Creator designed the perfect government for mankind. It is described in the Torah and exemplified in the reign of King Solomon. When Mashiach comes, democracy in Eretz Yisrael will be thrown out the window. Mashiach will be a King subject to the checks and balances of the Sanhedrin.

Those who cannot accept this are rebels who are inspired by their own arrogance. They refuse to submit themselves to the rule of Torah law as revealed by their Creator and they will find no place among those who do; those who are loyal to HKB"H, King of all kings; those who are sincere when they repeat the Sh'ma twice daily and say, "...malchuto l'olam va'ed."


10 October 2010

"Many are my enemies..."


2 Cheshvan 5771

...So said David Hamelech speaking on behalf of the Jewish People in every generation.

When we were still mired in the mud of the Diaspora, we longed for the day that we would stand upright once more on our own soil, on the holy land of Eretz Yisrael, where we would once again be masters of our own fate, answerable only to HKB"H. Then, we would be free of the missionary's harangue and the imam's rant.

Finally, Hashem answered our prayers and He brought us home. Some called it the Zionist dream, but it became a nightmare as the muddy exile was dragged into the heart of Eretz Yisrael, the Erev Rav ruling over us in accordance with its infatuation with Western ideals and norms, which stand in contradistinction to the laws of our Holy Torah. The imams and the missionaries were welcomed to live amongst us here in our own holy land, where they continue to harangue and rant and incite and attack us, just as they did in all the lands of our dispersion.
Missionary Convicted of Striking Jewish Man

A Christian missionary who did not “turn the other cheek,” but rather struck a Jewish man in Arad who was demanded that the missionary not film him, was convicted Sunday of assault and causing damage to his victim. Sentencing will take place at a later date.

According to the complainant, the missionary was filming the scene in the Arad business center, while he and a partner distributed missionary materials. The victim demanded that the missionary not film him as passed through the center, but the latter refused. An argument broke out between the two, and at one point the missionary stuck the victim hard across his ear, dislodging and damaging his hearing aid. In court, the victim said that he had wanted to ensure that people did not mistake his appearing in the film the missionary was apparently preparing as support for their activities. After several witnesses spoke up for the victim, the court convicted the missionary.

Children of Israel, the day will come when the Erev Rav regime no longer extends its protection to our haters and destroyers. You must be prepared to carry out the will of your Father in Heaven as it is taught in our Holy Torah:

Yeshayahu 27.9---"Therefore, with this shall Jacob's iniquity be atoned for, and this is all the fruit of removing his sin; by making all the altar stones like crushed chalkstones; asherim and sun-images shall not rise."

When Mashiach will come, the crosses and crescents will be toppled and crushed!