17 April 2011

Why Good Jews Hate the Arabs


13 Nisan 5771

Very simply, we have to. They are the enemy and we are at war.

"Palestinian youths from Awarta" who confessed to the massacre of the Fogel Family in Itamar and said if they'd known there were two children that they missed, the would have killed them, too. We should have no doubt of that.

According to a recent poll, one-third of their brethren openly agreed with what they did. (The remainder do so privately.) So this is why all good Jews hate the Arabs. They are bloodsthirsty murderers of innocent, peace-loving men, women and children. It's a mitzvah to hate evil. We have to hate them in order to eradicate them so that innocent, peaceful, loving, law-abiding people can live.

The Jews put out their hands in friendship to the Arab and pulled back a bloody stump. Such people must be thrown out of the house. We cannot continue to share it. It's US or THEM!

Have a happy and kosher Pesach and try to remember why we are here.

11 April 2011

Hashem, Have Mercy on Your Children!!


7 Nisan 5771

Dear Children of Israel---Sons and Daughters of Ya'aqov Avinu,

Do you need a reason to cry out from the depths of your heart and soul for the geulah shleimah and Mashiach Tzidkeinu? As they say, "read it and weep."

Grocery Chain Told to Rehire 'Violent' Arab Workers

A grocery store that fired 21 Arab workers at once must hire them all again, Justice Ravit Tzaddik of the Tel Aviv District Labor Court ruled Sunday. The store was accused of racial discrimination in the firings.

'Workers were Violent, Made Threats'Store managers at the Kimat Chinam branch in Modiin said the Arab workers in question created an atmosphere of violence and intimidation, threatened customers and fellow workers with physical violence, and were involved in sexual harassment in the workplace.

Some of the workers even bragged that they were involved in the murder of five members of the Fogel family in Itamar, and did so in the presence of Jewish workers and customers, management said.

They denied that the firings were motivated by the workers' ethnic background. Six Arab workers remain at the store in question, and almost 25% of workers at the Kimat Chinam network are Arab, they said, “So we cannot be considered a company that discriminates between its workers.”
...The suit against the firings was brought by Attorney Ina David Sultanovich, on behalf of the Ministry of Trade and Labor's Equal Opportunities Commissioner. The Commissioner, Tziona Kenig-Yair, was formerly Director of the Women's Lobby, which is funded by the controversial New Israel Fund.

...Minister of Trade and Labor Shalom Simchon praised the ruling. The ruling sends a clear message to employers that the government will not tolerate racism, he said. “We see absorbing Arab employees in the workplace as being of utmost importance,” he said. “We will continue to work to prevent discrimination against them.”

This is the bitter fruit of democracy which is a curse on Am Yisrael. This is the poison of Western cultural "values" which are eating us up alive. It's time to throw democracy and western values onto the trash heap and replace this evil regime with one modeled on our own Torah traditions based upon the most just and most merciful laws ever created---our Holy Torah.

May Hashem hear our cries and send us our salvation quickly,

08 April 2011

One Mashiach or Two?


4 Nisan 5771

Dear Bnei Yisrael---children of Ya'aqov Avinu,

It has been a few months since you have heard from me. Like you, I am busy everyday working to keep body and soul together; shlepping the groceries and paying the bills. I try to learn something everyday and work at my relationship with my Creator and try to improve myself (which is a never-ending job because there are so very many ways I need improving!). All of us are human beings doing what human beings were created to do and it takes a lot of time and energy and thought.

However, our souls whisper to us that so much more awaits us, not just in the World-to-Come, but right here on Planet Earth, when we are finally zocheh, by Hashem's great mercy, to transition into Days of Mashiach.

Which Mashiach? you may ask. After all, there are two, no? Mashiach Ben Yosef (MBY) followed by Mashiach Ben David (MBD). Rabbi Aryeh Carmell in the name of the Maharal of Prague says that MBY refers not only to a person, but to a process, which can be identified with the current State of Israel since 1948. We can expect that in the future, the State of Israel will transition into the Kingdom of Yisrael. No one is looking for a second State of Israel to materialize on some other soil. So, I ask, why expect a second Mashiach?

I rather think that MBY, who comes in every generation to redeem Bnei Yisrael, if they are worthy, will, when that blessed time arrives, finish his role as MBY and transition into the role of MBD, just as we expect the process of secular statehood to evolve into Torah kingdom.

The Prophet Yechezkel prophesied about this and it is recorded in the 37th chapter of his prophecies in Tanach. Hashem told him to take a stick for Yosef and all the tribes associated with him (this was during the time that the nation was split North and South) and another stick for Judah and the tribes associated with him, and put them together in his hand as ONE stick. Rashi says that the two sticks represent MBY and MBD. I maintain that this does not describe two different people, but two aspects---two missions---of one person, for the Prophet goes on to say that Hashem has told him that he should explain to the people that the two sticks will be ONE in his hand and that it represents the whole nation united as ONE, never again to be separated into two, and ONE king shall rule them.

And this is, I believe, why we are told to pray that MBY does not die, because if he dies without becoming MBD that means we were another generation unworthy of redemption and will now have to wait for another to appear.

In past generations, this is exactly what happened. But, today, we are already near the end of the time allotted to this reality and whether we deserve it or not, Hashem is going to bring the redemption, for his own Name's sake. That means that MBY no longer needs to die without becoming MBD.

As MBY, he will defeat Edom and as MBD, he will defeat Yishmael and from both aspects, he will eliminate the Erev Rav.

May it be soon, IN OUR DAYS!!