14 September 2012

Left Behind?


27 Elul 5772

Dear Ones,

Have those not in the know and feeling distinctly unredeemed been left behind somehow?

There are people who claim to know who Mashiach is and where he lives and who his friends are and which yeshiva he attends and which beit knesset he davens in, but if they can say to you, "I, and most of my neighbors have already received our personal redemption," you can rest assured that they know nothing at all.

A Breslover once told me that he was not looking for Mashiach because he had already found his mashiach in Rebbe Nachman.

Such statements astound me in their simple, elegant ignorance. As long as the Shechina remains seated and weeping in the dust, there is no redemption. Some may count themselves as well-off physically and note themselves on a higher spiritual level than others of their contemporaries, but the fact that they do not feel the spiritual degradation shows just how impoverished we all are by this long exile.

If they think they have already seen the light, just wait until they are blinded by the revelation of the actual, real and final redemption.

I want to say just two words here about those who say 4/5ths of our people are destined once again to be lost in Egypt - NOT TRUE. We are destined for the final and complete redemption of our nation. This is precisely why the first redemption was incomplete. First, because we left Jews behind and second, because we continued to suffer from foreign domination throughout our history.

Just as the Talmud says: Israel will not be redeemed until she repents. But what if she doesn't repent? Then, Hashem will send a king more wicked than Haman and Israel will repent. This is our assurance that the Complete & Final Redemption will leave no Jew behind.

Is it possible that this Complete & Final Redemption will arrive to each of us individually at different times? Absolutely NOT! And to suggest so is heresy in my opinion.

When the Complete & Final Redemption finally arrives, everyone will know it and everyone will experience it. The Holy Shechina will be lifted up and dusted off; arrayed in fine robes with a crown placed on her head, and seated on her throne in the Holy of Holies. THAT is redemption!!

Wishing you a ketiva v'chatima tova for the New Year 5773 and a praying that we all experience the Complete & Final Redemption without any further delay!!

07 September 2012

What is Mashiach waiting for?


20 Elul 5772

All Mashiach is waiting for is teshuva. Teshuva from Jews in chu"l for rejecting the Promised Land. Teshuva from Jews who raise neither their voice nor their hand against the destroyers among us. Teshuva from Jews in Eretz Yisrael who refuse to conquer the Promised Land - who are pleased to settle in it, yet who also have no problem living in "coexistence" with those whom Hashem has commanded us to drive out. Some have gone so far as to invite idolaters to live in our Holy Land!

How do you do teshuva for this? Reverse yourself this very moment and do just the opposite. This is real teshuva. Why does our lack of it prevent Mashiach from coming? Because these are the very first tasks he'll perform and if you are unwilling to cooperate with his mission, why should he come for nothing???

It has always been in our power to bring Mashiach. All we had to do is be willing to obey Hashem's Torah...

1. Leave Egypt and enter the Promised Land. (Mashiach will bring all the Jews home to Eretz Yisrael.)

2. Set righteous judges over us and choose leaders who are faithful to Hashem. (Mashiach will wrest control of the government out of the hands of the Erev Rav.)

3. Settle the land and drive out its former inhabitants, else they will remain a thorn in your sides. (Mashiach will rid the Holy Land of all our enemies.)

Only then will he be able to get about the business of rebuilding a Torah society, restoring the monarchy, setting up the Sanhedrin and reconstructing the Holy Temple.

We make mistakes. We are only human. But a Jew has to be loyal to Hashem and His Torah or he will be a rebel against Mashiach and against the Great King's authority and he will be condemned to die for it.

I give you advance warning. In days to come - in Days of Mashiach - many people will be like those who left Egypt and were unhappy in the Midbar. Even some who today beg for the redemption to come will look back fondly on this period of time and wonder why they ever wished it away. They'll feel it is too hard to live up to the standards of a Torah society where a Temple stands in Jerusalem. They'll dream of a return to a world where rachamim is uppermost because in Days of Mashiach din will rule.

Here is a good example of actions in this time period which can bring us to those Days of Mashiach. 

Bill to Keep Supreme Court Out of Existential Matters

Chairman Ya'akov Katz of the National Union party said, Thursday, that he will introduce legislation at the start of the Knesset's winter session to keep the Supreme Court from getting involved in matters tied to the destiny of the state. Ketzaleh said, "That's the only way to stop the cooperation of the Supreme Court with the parties most hostile to Israel and to save the country from the court."
Katz's remarks came before the state reached agreement with Egypt about the disposition of 21 Eritreans who had been waiting on the Sinai border for eight days and it appeared the tribunal would order them to be admitted. The initiator of the anti-infiltration barrier along the border warned that such an order would be publicized throughout Africa and asked, "What's the point of the billions of shekels that the people of Israel spent to build the barrier if the Supreme Court enables all of Africa to enter freely?"
He's absolutely right.  Are you in favor of this idea?  Or do you feel sorry for the infiltrators and wish to grant them a home among us and allow their children to go to school side-by-side with little Jewish children?  Think about it.

04 September 2012

Mashiach's Weapon


17 Elul 5772

We are hearing a lot about weapons these days.  Syria has weapons of mass destruction.  Iran wants weapons of mass destruction.  

Rebbe Nachman says Mashiach's main weapon is prayer.

He's praying for the world every day.  He's praying for you right now.

I'm praying with him.  Will you pray, too?