29 August 2013

Are Current Events a Fulfillment of Ancient Prophecy?


23 Elul 5773

"Seir" is another name for Edom. It is the traditional home of Eisav. And Bozrah was its ancient capital. Since our sages have told us that Western Civilization is the modern domain of Eisav, it stands to reason that the leading nation and its capital will be the "Edom" and "Bozrah" spoken of by the Hebrew prophets during the time of the final and complete redemption. That would be Washington, DC, the United States of America. "Bozrah" and "Edom" are destined for utter destruction at the End of Days.

From the Song of Deborah...

"Lord, when You went forth out of Seir, when You marched out of the field of Edom, the earth trembled...." (Shoftim 5.4)

"For My sword has become sated in the heaven. Behold, it shall descend upon Edom, and upon the nation with whom I contend, for judgment. The Lord's sword has become full of blood, made fat with fatness, from the blood of lambs and goats, from the fat of the kidneys of rams, for the Lord has a slaughter in Bozrah and a great slaughter in the land of Edom. ...For it is a day of vengeance for the Lord, a year of retribution for the plea of Zion." (Yeshayahu 34.5-6,8)

"Who is this coming from Edom, in crimsoned garments from Bozrah — who is this, majestic in attire, pressing forward in His great might?   'It is I, who contend victoriously, powerful to give triumph.' Why is your clothing so red, your garments like his who treads grapes?  'I trod out a vintage alone; of the peoples no man was with Me. I trod them down in My anger, trampled them in My rage; their life-blood bespattered My garments, and all My clothing was stained. For I had planned a day of vengeance, and My year of redemption arrived. Then I looked, but there was none to help; I stared, but there was none to aid — so My own arm wrought the triumph, and My own rage was My aid. I trampled peoples in My anger, I made them drunk with My rage, and I hurled their glory to the ground." (Yeshayahu 63.1-6)

"And Edom shall become a desolation; whoever passes by her shall be astonished and shall hiss at all her plagues. Like the overturning of Sodom and Gemorrah and her neighbors, said the Lord, no man shall dwell there, and no man shall sojourn there. ... Behold like an eagle he shall ascend and soar, and he shall spread his wings over Bozrah, and the heart of the mighty men of Edom on that day shall be like the heart of a travailing woman." (Yirmiyahu 49.17-18,22)

(See also Prophet Ovadia) - vss 6,8,15: "How Esau was searched out, how his hidden things were revealed!

(I wonder if this could refer to Wikileaks and Edward Snowden's revelations about NSA spying.)

 ... Shall I not in that day-says the Lord-destroy wise men from Edom and discernment from the mountain of Esau? ... For the day of the Lord over all the nations is close; as you have done shall be done to you; your recompense shall be returned upon your head."

"So said the Lord: For three sins of Edom, yea for four, I will not return them: For pursuing their brother with a sword, and they destroyed their mercy and grasped forever their anger and kept their fury forever. And I will send fire into Teman, and it shall consume the palaces of Bozrah." (Amos 1.11-12)

I find it more than a little bit interesting that in some of the same verses where the destruction of Edom is described, the prophet also refers to the burning of two other cities - the capital of Syria and the capital of Jordan - Damascus and Amman (ancient Rabbah).

"And I will kindle a fire in the wall of Damascus, and it shall consume the palaces of the Ben-hadad." (Yirmiyahu 49.27)

"The harsh prophecy concerning Damascus; Behold Damascus shall be removed from [being] a city, and it shall be depth of ruins." (Yeshayahu 17.1)

"...behold days are coming, says the Lord, and I will cause an alarm of war to be heard against Rabbah of the children of Ammon, and it shall become a desolate mound, and its villages shall be burnt with fire, and Israel shall possess those who have possessed their possessions, says the Lord." (Yirmiyahu 49.2)

"And I will kindle a fire in the wall of Rabbah, and it shall consume its palaces, with a shout on the day of battle, with a tempest on the day of the whirlwind. And their king shall go into exile, he and his princes together, said the Lord." (Amos 1.14-15)

Today, the whole world is sitting and waiting to see what will be as Edom threatens to bomb Damascus while its soldiers shelter in Rabbath Ammon. The middle east is a tinder box just waiting for the first match.  It appears that it will be HASHEM who lights them up.

As for us...

"...the Lord has proclaimed to the end of the earth: Announce to Fair Zion, your Deliverer is coming! See, his reward is with Him, his recompense before him. And they shall be called, 'The Holy People, the Redeemed of the Lord,'...." (Yeshayahu 62.11-12)

If this confrontation between the United States and Damascus goes badly and it's all blamed on faulty intel from Israel, this would explain why they turn on us and how Russia allied with Iran, Turkey etc (as prophesied in Yechezkel 38-39) can attempt to invade Israel.

Just a thought,

25 August 2013

Shirat Devorah


19 Elul 5773

Excerpted from Dreaming of Mashiach:

...Devorah Hanevia said her song to Hashem contains secrets and multiple hints for quickening the Geula and Moshiach's arrival.

Sing the song for Moshiach's arrival. Sing it now, prior to Moshiach's arrival. Sing it now when everything is topsy turvy and the world is being threatened by nuclear bombs, and leaders cannot be trusted and there's disunity between Jews.

THIS IS THE TIME to sing to Hashem, the song of the Redemption and thru our singing to Hashem, HKB'H will hasten Moshiach's arrival.

She said that in the words of her song, ביום ההוא - on that day, is prophecy and connected to hasten Moshiach's arrival:

Please add the SONG OF PROPHET DEVORAH to your daily prayers and we will soon all merit to praise Hashem and say "ברוך הטוב והמטיב - Blessed are You, Hashem, makes good and improvements" for sending us Moshiach speedily, AMEN!!!

Saying it is a segula for the individual redemption and for Klal Yisrael:

You can find the Song of Deborah (Shirat Devorah) in the fifth chapter of the book of Judges (Shoftim).

I am going to try to sing it every day, won't you join me?

16 August 2013

"Restore our days as of old..."


10 Elul 5773
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

Jonathan Pollard: Restoring Israel to greatness

Speaking up for the first time in 28 years...

When tragedy strikes anywhere in the world, the State of Israel is always among the first to offer help, sending experienced rescue teams, portable hospitals and world-class medical experts to the scene. Israel is a world leader in medical research, farming technology, and military innovation. The country that made the desert bloom is the undisputed champion of hi-tech innovation, all of which it generously shares with the world.

Unfortunately, when it comes to morale, the State of Israel has the distinction of holding a number of world records which no other country would want.

Over the last six decades, Israel’s leaders and its judiciary have practiced the art of political expedience to such a degree that Israel is now the first and only country in the world to hold the following dubious “honors”:

• Israel is the only country in the world ever to voluntarily expel its own citizens from chunks of its homeland in order to hand over the land to its enemies.

• It is the only country in the world ever to voluntarily destroy the homes and businesses of its own citizens, leaving them with shattered lives and broken promises.

• Israel is the only country in the world ever to voluntarily dig up and transport the graves of its dead so that the land could be turned over to its enemies.

The State of Israel also holds unenviable world records for betraying those who serve the state, including the following:

• Israel is the only country in the world to restrain its military from rescuing a wounded soldier, for fear of provoking the enemy and risking its approval ratings with the world. The soldier, injured by enemy gunfire at a Jewish holy site, slowly bled to death needlessly while the IDF stood by and watched.

• Israel also remains the only country in the world ever to voluntarily cooperate in the prosecution of its own intelligence agent, refusing him sanctuary, turning over the documents to incriminate him, denying that the state knew him, and then allowing him to rot in a foreign prison for decades on end, cravenly forgoing its right to simple justice for the nation and for the agent.

• Additionally, Israel is still the only country in the world ever to violate its own system of justice by repeatedly releasing dangerous, unrepentant murderers and terrorists back into the civilian population with impunity. No other country in the world has ever done this! In summary, Israel has the dubious distinction of being the only country in the world so befuddled by moral ambiguity that it is willing to dishonor its dead, betray its bereaved, and disgrace its citizens for the sake of political expediency.

Earlier this week, the State of Israel began the staged release of some of the worst murderers and terrorists the world has ever seen. Twenty-six out of the 104 murderers scheduled for release went free on Tuesday. Many are serving multiple life sentences for their heinous crimes and their many victims.

The blood of their victims cries out from the grave at this affront to human decency. Their cries go unheard.

The bereaved families of the victims beg and plead not to free the savage murderers of their loved ones. Their entreaties are ignored.

All the polls indicate that the overwhelming majority of Israeli citizens are opposed to the release of the murderers. It is a strange kind of democracy that pays no heed whatsoever to the will of the people.

No Israeli official has advanced a single compelling reason in support of the wholesale release of these murderers and terrorists. The claim that it “serves national interests” is spurious. There is no national interest that supersedes morality.

The second-most touted excuse is that the government of Israel was given three existentially threatening choices by its best ally, and the least damaging choice of the three was the release of murderers and terrorists.

Did anyone at the helm ever consider that given three life-threatening choices, the only response is: “No, no and no!”?

Overriding all objections, the government of the State of Israel is bound and determined to release the murderers, whose victims are not all dead. Some have been maimed, crippled and disfigured for life. Others show no external scars but have had parents, children and loved ones amputated from their lives. No one sees the broken hearts that will never stop bleeding for their loss.

Authentic Jewish tradition teaches in great detail how to relate to the dead with honor and reverence. The dead are not only keepers of the past; they are our teachers, our moral guides and our inspiration for the future. A country with no respect for the dead has no respect for the living.

A sovereign state which is capable of dishonoring its dead by freeing their murderers and tormenting their bereaved loved ones has, in essence, discarded all of the moral underpinnings of its own existence.

Nor should it come as any surprise – as any student of history knows – that no country can survive without a clearly defined moral infrastructure.

The Land of Israel is eternal and the State of Israel has temporal stewardship over the land. The corrosive moral ambiguity that has brought us to this dreadful day is relentlessly eating away at the legitimacy of the state’s continued role as legal guardian of the land. The prognosis is dire.

Only a reawakening of national resolve and a rebirth of ethical politics rooted in national selfrespect, moral rectitude and courage of conviction can guarantee the future. No political process devoid of these fundamental values will ever end the agony or the fear for the State of Israel.

It is clearly time for an historic restoration.

...otherwise known as the Geulah Shleimah!  May the new year 5774 which is fast approaching upon us for good see the speedy release of Yehonatan Ben Malka from his prison and the release of Mashiach's Neshamah from the Kan Tzipor.  Ken, yehi ratzon!  (H/T to Yeranen Yaakov for the referral to Shvilei Pinches.)

Shabbat shalom,