31 October 2013

"Watching and Waiting"


27 MarHeshvan 5774

I am full of thoughts of Mashiach today. Hanukah begins in one month. That is the time when the Light of Thirty-six, the Primordial Light that Hashem set aside for the righteous, begins to shine in the world. I am full of hope that Mashiach will soon arrive and all of us will gaze on his sweet face and know without any doubt that Hashem fulfills all of His promises.

You should understand, however, that it's possible many good, religious Jews will not recognize him at first. He is perhaps not what most religious people are expecting as their Mashiach. Unfortunately, we look too much to externals, especially clothing (remember “Mashiach’s Hat?”) and we misjudge many people because of this. It will be no different with Mashiach. Those whose hearts are completely and unreservedly set on Truth will know him immediately. But that’s ok. There will be time. Hashem wants Mashiach to prove himself through his good deeds on behalf of Am Yisrael. And he is so eager to get started!

Mashiach has a heart for every Jew and he connects with every Jew on some level. He stands right in the middle of it all like the hub of a wheel around which all the many spokes turn, pulling us all together as one nation. And we will be one nation again, as Hashem intended, and this is only one of the wonderful things Mashiach will accomplish.

Watching and waiting…

17 October 2013

The Last Birur


14 MarHeshvan 5774

We lost a wonderful source of chizuk and learning when Nava stopped blogging at Dreaming of Mashiach. Occasionally, I go back there and find very special things like this blog post which I urge all of you to go and read:

Mashiach ben Yosef; The Last Birur

And please daven this prayer by the Holy Ramchal for the success of MBY..

בספר תפילות לרמחל תפילה ל"ז

בעלות מלך המשיח לדרגת קן ציפור יעלו עמו כל תקוני ישראל
אל אחד יחיד ומיוחד
הרי מלך המשיח ממתין לקן ציפור להתעלות שם
שבו כי יקרא קן צפור לפניך
ומיד לא תיקח האם על הבנים
שהרי בשעה שיעלה שם - יעלה עמו כח כל התקונים
שתיקנו ישראל בגלות שנאמר בהם הזרעים בדימעה
ומיד שיגיע לשם מיד תהיה השכינה שורה על כולם - על כל אחד כפי עבודתו.
באותו הזמן והאם רבצת על האפרוחים ותוקף הכל על אותם הבנים.
לא תיקח האם על הבנים ודאי.
שהם אותם שמשתדלים ליחד יחוד שלך באמת.
שנאמר בהם קרוב השם לכל קוראיו לכל אשר יקראוהו באמת
גלה אמתך למיחלים לך - גם כל קויך לא יבושו לדעת שבאמת בטחו.
ולא יכזב מצד שקר של ס"מ הרשע וגם נצח ישראל לא ישקר.
לישועתך קויתי השם.


09 October 2013

Making Way for Mashiach


5 MarHeshvan 5774

Though Maran HaGaon HaRav Chaim Ovadia Yosef ztz"l had to leave us, it is only for a short time - until tehiyat hameitim. He had to leave us now to make the way clear for Mashiach Tzidkeinu. As much as we love and revere our rabbis, it will be much easier for the tzibur to rally to Mashiach if there is no other "strong man" in Torah to whom we feel we owe our allegiance.

I am trying to put this as delicately as possible and perhaps my meaning will remain unclear. Hamevin yavin.

The unity and respect shown during the levaya has also pushed us closer to the end of all suffering and pain. It's very, very close now. Take heart.

Be strong and courageous,