29 December 2013

"...neither will I let Pollard go."


26 Tevet 5774

At the conclusion of Shabbat, when I checked the news, my breath caught in my throat when I saw this story:

Report: Kerry Offers Pollard's Release to Israel
Kerry has offered Israel the release of Pollard as part of discussions about an upcoming release of terrorists, says Channel 10 report.
But, almost immediately, suspicions crowded into my thoughts. Secretary Kerry is not President Obama.  And didn't even former President Clinton go back on his own word to release Pollard?

Today, this is the headline:

White House Denies Option of Pollard's Release
The White House has announced that Jonathan Pollard will not be released despite the request of the PM to condition terrorist release and progress with negotiations with Pollard's pardon.

But, gam zu l'tova, because where have we heard this before? Parshat Va'eira: "So Pharaoh's heart stiffened and he would not let the Israelites go." It is certainly no coincidence that this matter has arisen during the weeks that we are reading about Pharaoh and his insistence on keeping the Israelites enslaved to him. Obama's insistence on keeping Jonathan Pollard in prison is no less astounding.

So what is coming in Parshat Bo? 

"Pharaoh's courtiers said to him, "How long shall this one be a snare to us? Let the men go to worship the Lord their God! Are you not yet aware that Egypt is lost?" 

In this week's Torah Tidbits, I read the following insightful commentary:

In warning about HAIL, G-d says (through Moshe) that this time, I will send ALL My plagues... The Vilna Ga'on explains that G-d uses 3 main weapons, so to speak, to punish those who violate His commands - Fire, Water and Wind. For example, to destroy Dor HaMabul, G-d used Water. Dor Hap'laga, He used Wind, and to destroy S'dom, His main weapon was Fire. The plague of blood used Water.  Plague 6 was the burning Fire of Boils on the skin. The locust came on the Wind. But Hail consisted of the whole arsenal.  The Hail itself was Water, it had Fire in it, and the Hail was accompanied by strong Wind - hence the phrase: All My plagues.

 Beware, Modern Egypt, what is to come! Parshat BO may be coming for Barak Obama!!

25 December 2013

Lights of Redemption


23 Tevet 5774

A soldier is stabbed and another killed.  Another bus is bombed and another car stoned.  The Iron Dome rolls into place near Sederot. Yet, still, there is talk of a "peace process" while another terrorist release looms and secret deals are being struck in which more Jews will be expelled from their homes and our holiest places will be turned over to the Vatican, G-d forbid!

But, from the roiling storm clouds overhead, a ray of light shines through.

For the First Time: Arab MKs Join Calls for Pollard's Release
One hundred Members of Knesset demand release of Jonathan Pollard following US spying allegations.
MKs from across the political spectrum attended a special Knesset session Wednesday, in a public call for the release of Jonathan Pollard to the administration of US President Barack Obama.
Jews and Arabs, left-wing and right-wing politicians, secular and religious parties alike came together in solidarity to call for Pollard's freedom.

It was yet another campaign on behalf of the Israeli prisoner, who has been held in the US for over 28 years on spying allegations.
Much of the criticism was directed toward US President Barack Obama. White House spokespeople declared Monday that the President has "no intention" to respond to the mounting calls for Pollard's release.

Yes, and neither did Pharaoh have any intention of letting G-d's people go free. 

...MK David Azoulay (Shas) asked the Jewish people to pray for Pollard's release.

MK Gila Gamliel (Likud), said, "We need to cry out now: this is the hour that opportunity calls for Pollard to be released." She stressed that "all of the Jewish people" feel that they are in prison with him.

The lights of redemption want to break through and flood the world. Time to prepare is running out.  Make sure your vessel is holy and pure and strong enough to make it.

Here's hoping,

24 December 2013

Is There a Snowden-Pollard Connection?


21 Tevet 5774

This morning, I clicked on a Washington Post article entitled Edward Snowden, after months of NSA revelations, says his mission’s accomplished. Something about that title nudged me, so, as I read, my mind raced ahead and began to play connect the dots.

For the first time in all my reading about Edward Snowden, an article mentioned his full name - Edward Joseph Snowden. Immediately, the thought occurred to me that, even though he is not a Jew (as far as we know), he has done something so high and so righteous that he is a hint to Mashiach ben Yoseph; a part of that entire process and hopefully a part of the successful conclusion to it.

To the world, Snowden is the whistleblower who exposed rampant and unchecked NSA spying on the American public and US allies, for the sake of public discourse on the subject. He says, “All I wanted was for the public to be able to have a say in how they are governed.”

But, to me, Edward Snowden is the tool that the Master of the World used to expose and humiliate the evil entity that buried Jonathan Pollard alive. It was while he worked for the NSA, that Pollard collected and shared information with Israel. They both did what they did for ideological reasons and at the same age! I also find it interesting that Snowden was born and raised in North Carolina, which is where Pollard has spent the majority of his time behind bars.

The major difference between them is that Snowden turned to Russia for help and escaped American 'justice' while Pollard turned to Israel for help and was buried alive.

Though it certainly was not his intention, I believe that Snowden's revelations have brought Jonathan Pollard closer to being released from prison than at any previous time. All week, as new information has been made public about NSA spying on Israel, Pollard's name has been popping up. Although Jonathan no doubt would be appalled at the linkage, the Jerusalem Post is reporting that Netanyahu may condition advancing peace talks on Pollard['s] release.

The White House responded typically with "President Barack Obama has no current plans to release Jonathan Pollard, despite recent revelations that the United States conducted surveillance on Israeli leaders."

However, I take heart from the phrase "mission accomplished." To my way of thinking, it's Heaven's way of letting us know what's really going on behind all the public bluff and bluster. I really believe we will see Jonathan Pollard return to the land of the living very, very soon!

Please G-d!

19 December 2013

When Mashiach Comes...


16 Tevet 5774

...not only will the Poop be unwelcome in the Holy Land, he will face a very severe punishment for having mislead so many people into the lie of the Christian religion. G-d forbid that the Prime Minister of Israel will go and bow before the chief idolater! G-d forbid that the chief idolater will disgrace the sanctity of the Western Wall with his presence! G-d forbid that he will even set foot on holy soil!

Hashem, your children are begging you!  Please put an end to our suffering and humiliation.  Pleeeeease send us Mashiach before the evil Poop will arrive in all his impurity.

Pope's plans for Bethlehem Mass disappoint Israel

Pope Francis will arrive in the Jewish State for a whirlwind visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories on May 25, 2014. The trip will last less than 48 hours, as the Roman pontiff will arrive in the morning hours on Sunday and leave the following night.

...The visit to the Jewish State is essentially the first one initiated by Francis, though there is much disappointment in Israel because of the brief nature of his stay.

(I don't know anyone who would be disappointed if he never came.)

...Francis will be in Jordan on Saturday and fly on a helicopter Sunday from Amman to Ben Gurion Airport where he will receive the official State reception. During his visit, the Pope will meet with President Shimon Peres and with various religious leaders in Israel.

The pope will tour Yad Vashem, the Western Wall, and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem. Unlike previous pontiffs, Francis will not visit Christian sites in northern Israel.

To the disappointment of many, Pope Francis will not host Mass for believers within Israel. The plan to host Mass in Jerusalem was cancelled because of the short nature of the visit. However, the pope will host a large Mass in Bethlehem – the headline event of his trip to the holy land.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet the pope at Notre-Dame Church in east Jerusalem. At the Prime Minister's Office, officials are not pleased with the fact that Netanyahu has to come to the pope, but they have been told that this has been done for previous popes.

Hashem, have mercy and turn this World of Sheker into a World of Truth!!

16 December 2013

Rumors in the Air


13 Tevet 5774

Rumors, like the whispers of angels, are floating in the air.  

Allow me to refer you back to a post of Rav Fish's work at Yeranen Yaakov's blog from six weeks ago...

8 Tevet, 5774 - Similarly, immediately after Hanukka, we will have reached the 9-month point after the "Government of Apostasy" which will rule before Mashiah comes. This government began on 7 Nissan, 5773.  Nine months later is 8 Tevet, 5774.
On 8 Tevet 5774, right on schedule, a magnificent and mighty storm struck Eretz Yisrael and the government is taking some very severe criticism for its performance or lack thereof.  The rumors that I am hearing are that as of 8 Tevet 5774, the geulah process has jumped up a level. The unconfirmed rumors that I am hearing are that from this point onwards, things may never really go completely back to 'normal.'

Strengthen your faith and prepare yourselves,

09 December 2013

"To Sleep, Perchance to Dream"


6 Tevet 5774

Now that winter has finally arrived, you may enjoy these interesting insights about this time of year from Jerusalem Connection:

...What happens in the physical world is a parable for what's going on in the spiritual realms. Everything in the physical world is an expression of something spiritual. During the summer, there is an expression of revelation, of enlightenment in the creation. Therefore, it's a time of brilliant sunlight and warmth. The winter is just the opposite; it's a time of retreat and hiddenness. The power of revelation and enlightenment in the creation seems to be completely missing, and this is expressed as cold lifelessness.

The two winter months ... of "Tevet" and "Shvat" [b]oth ... contain in their names the Hebrew letters "tet" and "veit", the foundation of the word "tov", meaning good. Apparently, there is hidden good in these months.

The month preceding Tevet, Kislev, is the month of dreams. Almost every weekly Torah portion of the month of Kislev (roughly corresponding to December), contains some sort of dream narrative, while the kabalistic sense of the month is sleep. Dreams are made to be realized. A person who doesn't attempt to actualize his dreams, is like one who is sleepwalking. It takes time to realize a dream. It takes courage, and very often it takes struggle.

...Why go through all this struggle just in order to realize a dream? Or better yet, can't our dreams be realized in an easier way? The answer, though, is: that's what we were put down for here. Our dreams represent what we were meant to achieve in this world, and this world is a place where the highest dreams have fallen into the deepest places. We're meant to recover them, and to piece them back together again. It's not easy, but the soul-rewards are great. The lower the soul descends, the higher it will go back up!

Dare to dream and awaken your deepest potential.