12 November 2014

Is Mashiach a Talmid Chacham?


19 Mar Cheshvan 5775

The man who will be Mashiach may or may NOT be a recognized talmid chacham in this generation. For, when the time comes for him to fulfill his messianic role and the soul of Mashiach, or the Mashiach consciousness, descends upon him, it will bring with it all the Torah knowledge accumulated over many lifetimes.

It will be as if a firewall came down allowing access to all the knowledge of the universe. He will have greater wisdom and understanding than any other man alive.

Pray for that day...

26 October 2014

Mar Cheshvan


2 Marcheshvan 5775

by Rabbi Ari Goldwag
...Cheshvan is a time that is “bitter,” for there seems to be no opportunities for growth and spiritual connection. It is a time of deterioration, as the leaves wither and the world enters a state of deep hibernation. And yet, it is also a time when the rains begin, when the potential for future growth is being sown. It is a time when spiritual darkness reigns, yet when spiritual growth begins deep beneath the surface. It is the moment when Rachel passes on, when all seems bleak, when the darkness of exile closes in; and it is the moment of the birth of Benjamin, the seed of the Jewish people's perfected state, which is sown in that very darkness.

...The message of Cheshvan is that despite the darkness, and even because of the darkness, there is future growth that awaits us.

See the entire article here.

Shavua tov and chodesh tov~

06 October 2014

Sukkot - "Zeman Simchateinu"


12 Tishrei 5775

The Sukkot holiday is known as "Zeman Simchateinu" - the time of our joy. But, it's terribly difficult, if not downright impossible to feel any joy in our present circumstances. Every one of our senses cries out to Heaven - "Ad matai, Hashem!?"

Until when will you set the prisoners free and grant us joy once again!?

It's a mitzvah to find the joy in the holiday. 


18 September 2014

The Mitzvah of Yom Teruah


23 Elul 5774

Ketivah v'chatimah tovah! Wishing us all a good, sweet and blessed New Year~

14 September 2014

Ani l'Dodi v'Dodi Li


19 Elul 5774

"I am my Beloved's and my Beloved is mine." (Shir HaShirim - Song of Songs)

It is famously taught that the letters which spell out the month of ELUL is also an acrostic for the above quote and reminds us that returning to Hashem in this month of teshuvah means that we are also returning to our Beloved.

The Sages say that Shir HaShirim actually describes the love relationship between HKB"H and Klal Yisrael, who is likened to a wife. In fact, idolatry - the worship of anything other than HKB"H - is compared to adultery. It's like a faithless wife who takes another lover into her bed. Someone or something else has broken into this exclusive relationship. The prophets are replete with this imagery. 

I noticed something amazing in Parshat Ki Tavo (Devarim 26.17-18):

"You have distinguished Hashem today to be a God for you.... And Hashem has distinguished you today to be for Him a treasured people,...."

[Rashi says: You have selected… has selected you: Heb. הֶאֱמַרְתָּ… הֶאמִירְךָ. We do not find any equivalent expression in the Scriptures [which might give us a clue to the meaning of these words]. However, it appears to me that [the expression הֶאֱמִיר] denotes separation and distinction. [Thus, here, the meaning is as follows:] From all the pagan deities, you have set apart the Lord for yourself, to be your God, and He separated you to Him from all the peoples on earth to be His treasured people. ]

To put into more common parlance, we took Hashem to be our Husband and He took us to be His wife - 'until death do us part'. This is a mutually exclusive relationship. That means we are forbidden to take other gods and Hashem forbids Himself (so to speak) from taking any other people. If our breaking of this marriage vow is for us spiritual adultery, then the same would hold true for the corresponding partner - Hashem.

The point of this is two-fold. 1) Anyone who is not a Jew, but who makes any claim to this exclusive relationship with Hashem is not only a liar, he makes Hashem out to be an adulterer, G-d forbid! 2) Jews, who in some misguided attempt to assuage the feelings of goyim who have no share in this covenant relationship, try to bring them in the back door and allow them some 'right' to participate in it, make the same egregious error, G-d forbid!

While Hashem loves His creation and has a special plan for the gentiles, it is wrong to allow them to have or to teach them that they have some share in Klal Yisrael or the Holy Torah, which is our ketubah, or our Holy Land, which is the marital home or in the Holy Temple, which is the marital bedroom! The Holy Shabbat, too is set aside as an exclusive possession of Klal Yisrael. 

Any gentile who really desires to be a part of this mutually exclusive relationship may do so via halachic conversion and that is the only way that a gentile may LEGALLY learn Torah, settle in Eretz Yisrael, perform 613 mitzvot and partake of the Holy Shabbat.

Hashem is our Husband - exclusively. He has not and never will take any other people unto Himself.

Wishing all of us a good, sweet and blessed New Year~

24 August 2014

"It's Almost Rosh Ha-Shanah..."


29 Menachem Av 5774
Erev Rosh Chodesh Elul

Guest post by Daniel Pinner:

Perhaps the greatest mitzvah you will do this year...

It is almost Rosh Ha-Shanah – and we are preparing to celebrate the new year with our friends, our families, and our loved ones.

It is almost Rosh Ha-Shanah – and we are thinking about teshuvah, repentance, for the sins we have committed and the mitzvot we have neglected in the past.

It is almost Rosh Ha-Shanah – and we are already busy cooking, cleaning, preparing our houses for the holiday season, for our guests.

It is almost Rosh Ha-Shanah – and we are looking forward to praying in our Synagogue, hearing the familiar prayers with their much-loved melodies, the stirring Shofar blast with its divine message of repentance, forgiveness, and God’s majesty and sovereignty.

It is almost Rosh Ha-Shanah – and we can already almost taste the apple and honey, the honey cake, the best quality Kiddush wine, and all the delicious food that accompanies this festival-laden month.

It is almost Rosh Ha-Shanah – and we are already beginning to think about erecting our Sukkot, we are already beginning to bring out the decorations

It is almost Rosh Ha-Shanah – and we can be sure that Jonathan Pollard will not be allowed to celebrate Rosh Ha-Shanah in his prison cell in the USA; he will be denied his friends, his wife, his family, all those whom he loves and who love him; he will be unable to hear the Shofar blast, he will not be permitted to participate in any services. Jonathan Pollard has no Sukkah to look forward to, no decorations to prepare, no festival food to eat.

You can do something to help!

Please send a Shanah Tovah card to Jonathan Pollard. His address is:

Jonathan Pollard #09185-016
c/o FCI Butner
P.O. Box 1000
Butner, NC
U.S.A 27509-1000

It may not be much, but it is something that everyone – including you! – can do. I speak from personal experience when I say that receiving letters is a tremendous morale boost for a prisoner. Indeed, Jonathan himself describes the letters he receives as his “oxygen”. I have no idea if prisons and guards in the USA are anything like in Israel, but if they are, then when the prison system – from the individual guards all the way up to the top commanders – see that a prisoner receives mail, then they know that people on the outside care about him, and are more reluctant to abuse him.

Jonathan Pollard has given well over a quarter of a century of his life due to the venality of certain American and Israeli top politicians. If you live in Israel then you may owe your very life to Jonathan – because it was he who gave Israel crucial information about Iraqi Scud missiles and other Iraqi military capability back in the mid-1980’s.

You can give a few minutes and a few shekels (or dollars, or pounds, or euros) of your own life to send Jonathan Pollard a Rosh Ha-Shanah card. Even if it arrives after Rosh Ha-Shanah, nevertheless send it!

Let us make this effort together. Let us ensure that our brother Jonathan Pollard is flooded with Rosh Ha-Shanah cards this year; send one, send a few, get as many friends and family members to send, send these cards from all over the world – the more people in the more countries, the better.

Let Jonathan Pollard know that even in his prison cell, he is not alone!
Let Jonathan Pollard know that we have not forgotten or abandoned him!

03 August 2014

"Today, If You Will Hear His Voice"


7 Av 5774

There's a story in the Talmud...

Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi asked Mashiach: "When are you coming?" Replied Mashiach, "Today."

Later, Rabbi Yehoshua met Eliyahu HaNavi and complained: "He told me that he is coming today, yet he didn't come." Answered Eliyahu, "This is what he meant: 'Today, if you will hear his voice.'"

What would be the point of Hashem bringing Mashiach, if no one in Am Yisrael was prepared to follow his leadership and do what he says?

Something else to mourn on these days - opportunities lost...

Oh, Dear Hashem! Please prepare our hearts to hear!!

31 July 2014

The Message in the Numbers


4 Menachem Av 5774

Dear Children of Israel,

I wish I had the gift of prophecy and could give you clear direction, but alas, I don't. However, I sometimes think I have some vague insight. Maybe it means something. Maybe it doesn't. But, our tradition teaches us that there is great significance to numbers and that sometimes a hidden message can be uncovered with the help of gematria. Ever since the beginning of this latest phase in the geulah process, I've been struck by certain numbers...

3 Jewish boys kidnapped
6 arrested for the murder of the Arab boy
18 days searching for the kidnapped boys
18 days of fighting Hamas before the first cease-fire was called
3 Jews arrested for a 'price tag attack' in Maale Adumim
3 Jews arrested for an attack on Arabs in Neve Ya'aqov

All 3s and multiples of 3.

There are 3 Avot - Avraham, Yitzchak and Ya'aqov; 3 parts to Tanakh - Torah, Nevi'im and Ketuvim. Of course, there are 3 Batei Mikdash - the two which already were and the one that is yet to be. Some say there will be a 3rd World War and that there are 3 wars of Gog uMagog. We were led by 3 in the Midbar - Moshe, Aharon and Miriam. Bnei Yisrael are divided into 3 - Yisrael, Levi and Cohen. I'm sure you can think of others.

Here are some that I found online...

(On the number 3 in Judaism)

  • A symbol of holiness. The Holy of Holies occupied one-third, and the Holy Place two-thirds, of the entire Temple.
  • There were three vessels each for the altar of burnt offering, the altar of incense, and the Ark.
  • The Menorah had twice three arms (besides the shaft, which also held a lamp), and each arm had three knobs.
  • The priestly blessing consists of three sections 
  • In kedusha, word "holy" is recited three times. 
  • The number of prayers recited daily
  • The number of Shabbat meals
  • The number of shofar sounds on Rosh Hashanah
  • The Shalosh Ragalim (Jewish festivals): Pesach, Shavuot, and Sukkot
  • Number of aliyot for a Torah reading on a weekday or at mincha

I think that this repetition of the number 3 is meant simply to communicate to us that everything that is happening today - all of the events and all of the decisions that result from them - are ultimately being orchestrated by Hashem for the good of Bnei Yisrael.

It's like a way for Hashem to give us a little wave and say "I'm here!"

If you have any other ideas, please feel free to share them in the comments.

Besorot tovot! May our mourning be quickly turned to rejoicing!!

27 July 2014

"Israel Deserves an Apology"


1 Av 5774
Rosh Chodesh Av

This is a share from Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi's facebook page...

I am sick of apologizing for Israel’s right to defend itself. I am sick of the word “ceasefire” when all that really means is “time for Hamas to build more rockets” while we stand by helplessly. I am sick of the UN calling this an Israeli-Palestinian War when all along it’s clearly been a prolonged terrorist attack that the IDF is courageously trying to stop. I’m sick of people criticizing Israel for killing innocent people when they have done more than any country to warn Gazans and have even brought the gunmen into their own hospitals. I’m sick of apologizing for being a Jew. For being part of a nation whose kindness and compassion shine through even on the battlefield.

Somehow the world is turning everything around. Turning the terrorists into victims. Turning the attacked into the aggressor. This is the anti-Semitism of today. A hatred and disgust with Israel no matter what we do.
Now I ask you. Who should be apologizing? The millions of Jews running for cover as rockets attempting to smash into their school yards and tear apart their homes come raining down? The parents of all the soldiers who have tragically died in this frustrating, dangerous ground war in Gaza, where every move is calculated and re-calculated to prevent the loss of life?

Should the soldiers apologize for risking their lives to fight terrorism while the rest of us shake our heads over the news? I am sick of apologizing for Israel when it is Israel that really deserves an apology.

Israel deserves an apology from the media for falsely portraying them as aggressors. From the Jews who have turned their backs on their own people when they are needed most. From the terrorists themselves, for the constant panic and fear, for the horrific loss of life, for destroying our homes, for diverting our planes, for turning our lives upside down, and for putting innocent Arab lives in mortal danger. Israel deserves an apology.

And I also want to apologize to Israel and her courageous people. I am sorry for not defending you loudly enough. For not doing more to speak up against the staged newspaper photographs and the false criticisms. I am sorry for the hours in which I forget about the pain and the suffering that you are going through. I am sorry, dear parents of all the fallen soldiers. I am sorry for your aching grief and loss, sorry that you had to sacrifice your sons in this war for Jewish survival. Because they were not just fighting for Israel, they were fighting for all of us.

I apologize to all of you, who live in the only place in the world where every Jew is welcomed home, that you are not recognized on a daily basis for holding up the fort for all of us, for teaching your children to remain calm under fire, for sending your sons to guard our borders, for holding onto your faith when everyone around you is intent on taking it away.

Thank you Rabbi Mizrachi for your courage to always tell the truth!

25 July 2014



27 Tamuz 5774
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

In a responsum of Rav Hai Gaon on the topic of redemption, the rav wrote the following: 
...When seven years remain of the years comprising the 'appointed time' (הקץ), these will be the years when redemption commences, for the Sages provided an identifying sign for them when they said: 'the week (שבוע) when the son of David comes....'  During that week Edom will rule over Israel for a period not less than nine months and no more than three years. This is because Israel can only take sovereignty away from Edom, as Scripture affirms: 'Edom will have possession; Se'ir, their enemies, will have possession, but Israel will powerfully prevail. One from Jacob will rule, and he will destroy what remains of the city' (Num 24:18-19),....
I find it more than a little interesting that Shimon Peres, the only remaining high-profile leader from the original yishuv, who has been in the Israeli government for its whole existence, attained the Office of the Presidency seven years ago.  Yesterday, his seven-year term ended and he stepped down to become just an ordinary citizen. 

It's the end of an era and hopefully, the end of the seven years just prior to the ushering in of the messianic age.

Besorot tovot and Shabbat shalom,

06 July 2014

Yehudit's Prophecy


8 Tamuz 5774

Could the current situation in Eretz Yisrael be the beginning of the fulfillment of Yehudit's prophecy?

The following "prophecy" made the rounds in 2006 and was attributed to a woman who reportedly passed away in 2005...

...Her words were recorded and approved by Talmidei Chachamim in Yerushalayim. She said that the visions she 'saw' is in the merit of Zchut Avot. She said that all the trouble Am Israel are experiencing is the preamble before Moshiach ben Yosef is revealed, as it says about Yosef HaTzaddik, z'sl, "You thought evil against me; but God meant it to be good."

When Am Israel does not merit the Geula, they are like beasts till it has had its fill, and then the leadership is transferred to man. "I will sow the seed of beast and the seed of man." This man cannot operate and be known to the public unless he follows the Torah and keeps the commandments, as Shlomo HaMelech, zs'l, said, "God he'll fear and His commandments he'll observe, for this is man."

This 'man' operates with all his powers for the honor of HaShem's Torah and His servant, Moshe Rabbenu, zs'l. He will organize the war against nations of the world, as well as physically fight in this war. He will correct the Klipot of the exiles. Only this man is capable of doing this because "Ahavat Israel" (love of Jews) and Torat HaShem is embedded in him unconditionally. Who is this man? This man is Moshiach ben Yosef.

Prior to his leadership, more trouble will surface from the Arabs regarding the green line and their rage will burn interiorly and exteriorly. Yishuvim (settlements) inside the green line will need to protect themselves. The public and hidden hatred toward these holy inhabitants will be intensitied as well as clarified (birur).

* The last governments in Israel are from the Erev Rav.

* The Government will be a very poor leadership which is no leadership; a 'non-government'.
* The situation will be very difficult due to severe neglect of the poor people of Israel.
* The economy will deteriorate.
* The Erev Rav Gov't will deceipt the nation and secretely weaves dangerous deals.
* They will hand over holy places, including Yerushalayim, and this will cause a 'storm' in Am Israel.
* North of Israel will burn up from missiles from the Iranian Hizbulla, with the support of Syria.
* IDF (Israel Defense Force) reaction will be worthless.
* IDF will be very angry with the 'non-government'.

Moshiach ben Yosef will arrive to the North. In the beginning, he will not know that he was chosen to be the first savior. He will operate thru his qualifications and thru his love for Am Israel that is embedded in him. He is very pious and has helpers with him. Thru his holy bravery and courage, people of the North as well as others will slowly awaken and want to attach themselves to him and join him. There will be those that will oppose him, including religious Jews that follow the Torah and its commandments.

He will rule from the Galil, his headquarters will be in Tzfat or Teveria. Some Talmidei Chachamim will begin to recognize him as the savior of Bnei Israel and will join him. Others will only join him much later.

* He'll announce an emergency regime.
* He will announce an emergency economic and secure regime because Israel will be bankrupt due to bankruptcy in America.
* He will call upon the Arab states to stop striking the Jews and to recognize the sovereignty of Israel in all Yesha territory.
* He will make major changes in the army.
* Major portion of the high-ranking officers of the IDF army will transfer their loyalty to him.
* In respond to kassam and rockets on Northern Israel, he will give instructions to completely exterminate a city in Syria.
* Egypt and Jordan will declare a war against him.
* He will lead the new IDF and capture Jordan and half of Sinai.
* He will forcibly capture Yerushalayim.

He will announce that the government operating in Yerushalayim are criminals and will demand to judge them according to the laws of the Jewish Court. He'll put some politicians in prison, while other politicians will try to run away. There will also be also politicians who will form a coalition to fight him, but he'll kill them.

* He will scatter media journalists and instead, place his own people.
* He will give (S'micha) Rabbinical authority to G'dol HaTorah to establish Chachmei Torah councilmen.
* He will cancel all authority and power of the Israel judicial system.

Meanwhile, in America...

* The Unites States will be severly struck because of their pride.

* The dollar will lose its value and the inflation will severely escalate.
* America will become bankrupt.
* The severe strikes on the U.S. will come thru wars and even more, thru powerful weather disasters.
* The quick escalation of Moshiach ben Yosef will contribute to antisemitism.
* Antisemitism will rise to unimaginable heights.
* Jews of the United States will be forced to flee like fugitives, because those who survived the weather disasters will not be able to survive the tremendeous waves of hatred against them.
* The survivors will arrive in Israel with only the clothes on their back and Moshiach ben Yosef will reach out to help them.

Throughout the process, there will be many remarkable revealed miracles.

Please listen my friend, many are waiting for Moshiach to reveal himself and very soon, he will have the leadership.

What "Yehudit" says is very similar to what the holy sefarim (books) say.
(Posted at Moshiach ben Yosef.)

Here's hoping,

03 July 2014



5 Tamuz 5774

Only Mashiach can rescue us from the clutches of an evil regime who works at every turn to thwart the true Jewish spirit that wants nothing so much as to be completely obedient to Hashem's Holy Torah.

It is being reported that soldiers who have called for revenge against the enemy will be "severely punished."

It is being reported that the new president-elect Reuven Rivlin has "slammed" calls for revenge.

It is being reported that various MKs and other authority figures are making the same kind of statements across the board, claiming that this is not Jewish.
Bnei Akiva secretary general calls for 'blood of enemy,' subsequently apologizes
...In a post written on Monday, World Bnei Akiva secretary general Rabbi Noam Perel wrote: “Three corpses of our youths were found cast on the field, an entire nation and thousands of years of history demands revenge, the government of Israel is convening for a revenge hearing which is not about mourning, the master of the house has gone crazy at the sight of the corpses of its sons, a government which will turn the army that was searching into vengeful soldiers, soldiers that will not stop at 300 Philistine foreskins.”
...Perel concluded his post writing “The humiliation will be atoned by the blood of the enemy and not by our tears.”
He subsequently deleted the post and then issued an apology, saying his comments were misunderstood.
...On Wednesday night, Chief Rabbi David Lau spoke out against calls for revenge, saying it was wrong in terms of morality, values, and Jewish law.
People want to say that vengeance belongs to God, but He brings it about through his chosen servants. Human beings act as His hands in this world. 

We are one parshah away from Parshat Pinhas, in which we read how the zealous grandson of Aharon HaCohen stopped a plague which was bringing death to tens of thousands of Jews by exacting Hashem's vengeance.

Learn the lessons of Pinhas! May we merit to see the ultimate messenger of Hashem's vengeance with the revelation of our righteous Mashiach NOW!


01 July 2014

A "Fitting" Punishment


3 Tamuz 5774

While the government-which-is-no-government sits and discusses options, as if they only understood the need for it after three weeks, anyone who takes the Holy Torah seriously could tell them...

Were it my decision, I would not hesitate to order the immediate execution of every Arab - man, woman, children and infants - who lived within sight or walking distance of the place where the bodies were found. And then, the village(s) would be razed to the ground. And then, we would see what would come next...

30 June 2014

Insufficient Tears


3 Tamuz 5774

The three Israeli kidnapped teenagers were found dead in Palestinian Kachil village. Cabinet to meet

Apparently, Hashem considers our tears insufficient to annul the evil decrees which this month brings each year.

May the tears we shed in mourning over these three innocent boys be a kapparah for all Am Yisrael and be accepted in Shamayim as sufficient to usher in the Mashiach and the geulah shleimah.

Hashem yinakem damam,

23 June 2014

The Coming Month of Tammuz 5774


25 Sivan 5774

The world is enveloped in a whirlwind of change. Just since Shavuot, here at home we have the IDF routing Hamas from many places with a free hand, and abroad, Iraq is falling to ISIS forces and the US appears helpless to stop it. Big things are happening and big changes are coming.

On Shabbat, it will be Rosh Chodesh Tammuz - a time when we begin to dread the fast days and their portents which come into view. But, there will come a time, when we've reached the age of Mashiach when all of that will turn around and the fast days will become holidays...

See this excerpt from Two Kinds of Good: Lessons for the Month of Tammuz by Sarah Schneider.

...On the sixteenth of Tammuz we expected Moses’s return to camp, tablets in hand. We miscalculated by six hours and when he delayed we assumed the worst and imagined him dead on the mountaintop. We panicked, some more than others (and the women not at all). The Egyptian multitudes that accompanied the Israelites quickly regressed to old ways, to the security of graven images, and they convinced many Israelites to follow suit. With Aaron’s reluctant assistance they fashioned a Golden Calf to replace Moses as leader and guide.

Upon his descent, when Moses beheld their desecration he cast the Tablets to the ground. They shattered and we lost the moment. We were six hours away from eternal paradise. If we had closed the deal, if the Tablets had entered our possession, the seventeenth of Tammuz would have opened the gates to the ultimate paradigm shift. Death would have been swallowed up forever, and we would have stepped straight into the Golden Age of Mashiach and the World-to-Come. That’s what was scheduled for this month.

Instead it became the start of all our woes. And yet G-d always plants healing tools inside our hardships. Since Tammuz is the month of our fall, it must also provide the key to its repair.

May we see it fulfilled THIS 4th month called the month of Tammuz,

30 May 2014

Shavuot Thoughts: "Cutting the Torah Down to Size"


Rosh Chodesh Sivan 5774

The following has been excerpted from a much longer and very interesting article from Yeshiva World News...

There’s More to Shavous Than Cheescake

A small community wanted to have a Sefer Torah written for its synagogue. After many months the Torah was ready. The people planned a day of celebration for when the Torah would be brought to their synagogue.As part of the festivities, the Rav of the community would drape the Torah with a beautiful mantel (covering). The women in the town would each make a covering that would eventually be used on different occasions. The nicest one however, would be chosen to enwrap the Torah on the day of the festivities.

All the women worked feverishly to produce beautiful works of art. The day of festivities came and the Rav and leader of the community were asked to choose which was the nicest.

After examining each one carefully, the Rav and leader of the community both agreed that the purple one with the multicolored embroidery depicting Mount Sinai was the most suitable one.

The elderly woman who had made it was thrilled beyond words. She felt that all her arduous work had been worthwhile, for now she would have the honor of having her handiwork bedeck the new Sefer Torah. Her family shared in her pride.

The Rav picked up the covering and started to slip it over the Torah. But it wouldn’t fit. He tried to tug it, pull it and yank it, but it was simply too short. The people were surprised, but the woman who had made it was aghast. How could she have made it so small? Her pride quickly turned to humiliation.

The Rav and leader of the community conferred for a few moments and they agreed that they would have to choose another covering. When their decision became obvious, the elderly woman ran up to them and cried out, “Wait, I have an idea! You can still use my covering!”

“And how do you suppose that could be done?” asked the Rav.

“It’s very simple, ” answered the woman. “Just cut the Torah down to size, and it will surely fit!”

After telling this parable, Rav Blech continued on with this message.

“Surely all of us would agree that the woman’s suggestion was ludicrous. Yet how many of us, in our daily lives, do exactly what that woman proposed to do?

We each have a certain life style that we feel is suitable for ourselves. At times, though, what we may perceive as desirable and important is in violation of Torah or Rabbinic law. What we SHOULD do is readjust our priorities. However, what many try to do, instead, is find a way to bend the law, and perhaps even “cut down” one aspect of Torah, so that the Torah will seem to suit our desires- when actually we should be seeing to it that our lives fit the criteria of the Torah.”

Shabbat shalom and Chag HaBikkurim Sameach!

27 May 2014

Thank You, Hashem, for Yerushalayim!


28 Iyar 5774
Day 43 of the Omer
Yom Yerushalayim

With tremendous thanks to HKB"H for the return of Holy Yerushalayim and the unique privilege this generation has to pray at the Kotel and to ascend the Temple Mount. May we merit to see the Third Beit Hamikdash and true peace in the City of Peace.

Enjoy the stunning views in the following video.  Just tune out the commentary.

Happy Jerusalem Day!

26 May 2014

Guests Are Gone - Time to Clean House


27 Iyar 5774
Day 42 of the Omer

Boy, am I glad that's over! Throw open the windows and let in the fresh air. The smell of Poop will dissipate now that he's gone.

One good thing comes from this - right before Yom Yerushalayim, nothing makes us value and appreciate our Holy City more than the threat of it being taken away.

So, we must put ourselves in a thankful mood and be grateful for all that Hashem has given us. And pay a visit to the Old City while you still can

Yerushalmi at heart,

25 May 2014

Going Dark til the Tumah Leaves


25 Iyar 5774
Day 40 of the Omer

Mashiach's Wife is in mourning over the desecration and trampling of the holy places by the tumah - the impurity - of the false religion and it's leader who attempt at every moment of every day to sell a false mashiach to a troubled and confused world. They are selling a lie which entraps and enslaves the minds of those who believe in it.

We, Jews, stand for Truth above all - the Truth that can only be found in the Book of Truth - our Holy Torah. We abhor and deny the idea that there is any other truth!!

And Mashiach's Wife wholeheartedly rejects the idea that Mashiach is anything but another creation of the One Above and is no way equal to Him, God forbid!!

Note the dictionary definition of "pontiff" - a former title of pagan high priest at Rome, later used of popes....

Spread this far and wide with my blessing,

16 May 2014

01 May 2014

Transforming Hearts and Minds Before Mashiach


1 Iyar 5774
Rosh Chodesh Bet
16 Days of the Omer

The following is a very positive reflection of where the people are holding in preparation for the revelation of Mashiach.  They are now realizing that the political State has no answers and that we can no longer continue living with this status quo.

“David the Nahal Soldier” goes viral. Army chief: Facebook is not a tool of command

...The Facebook campaign, “We are with David the Nahal soldier” had already garnered 100,000 “likes” in support of soldier David Admov by Thursday morning. The suggestion conveyed was that the IDF is losing control of its  soldiers and the government losing ground on the country’s political agenda.

...The uproar isn’t just the result of army policy; it is also rooted in the actions of the political class.

...Many Israelis are fed up with the song and dance surrounding the talks with the Palestinians. They don’t have any idea what is on the table, what is being discussed, and what the true final objectives are.

...These actions don’t happen in a vacuum. They happen, and they are on the rise because young Israelis wonder why the law they are required to uphold and obey is not being enforced on the Arab street. They wonder why Palestinian terrorists, mainly from Hamas and Hizb al-Tahrir, can barricade themselves inside Al Aqsa with no action by Israeli law enforcement. When the “we are with David the Nahal soldier” generation watched the news April 29, they saw thousands of people marching through Ramallah, carrying green Hamas flags and shouting “Ya Qassam, Ya Qassam, destroy Tel Aviv!” Asking why they must accept this, and finding no answer from the Israeli establishment, this generation is providing its own answers.

Ultimately, the problem lies with the lack of leadership in Israel, where the rule of law is weak.

...the soldiers supporting David aren’t willing to be tools in a political agenda.

Besorot tovot~

27 April 2014

Where is Mashiach?


27 Nisan 5774
12 days of the Omer

Where is Mashiach in the counting of the omer?  He is found hidden within the nightly prayer which concludes the count:
“O Compassionate One! May He return for us the Service of the Temple to its Place speedily and in our time. Amen; Selah.”
Because everyone knows that when the Temple is rebuilt, Mashiach will have already come.

Note to the readers:  Someone commented and asked why, if I believe that Mashiach is in the world today, I continue to speak of his "coming." Suppose your parents are alive in the world, yet living at a great distance from you, and you are expecting them to arrive soon to your home. Is it incorrect to speak of their "coming" to your house?  Does it mean they are any less alive in the world?  Perhaps, it would be clearer to speak of their "arrival" or in the case of Mashiach, of his "revelation" since his identity is currently hidden.  

When I speak of Mashiach's "coming," I'm referring to his arrival to Yerushalayim and the revelation of his identity.

Wishing you all a profitable and successful omer accounting,

20 April 2014

Mashiach's Meal


20 Nisan 5774
Chol HaMoed Pesach

Why Pesach is a time to toast the Messiah
By Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet

As the final hours of the eight-day festival of Pesach draw to a close, many Chasidim gather for a final round of matzah and four cups of wine. This custom, instituted by Rabbi Israel Ba’al Shem Tov (1698-1760), is a special celebratory meal known as seudat Mashiach — or the messianic feast.

The whole festival of Pesach brings to the fore of our consciousness the concept of redemption. At the Seder we reflect on how we were enslaved in a foreign land from which no man had ever escaped, let alone a nation, yet against all odds we were liberated.
Today, we see a world riddled with chaos, war and famine, and yet again believe that we are in an irredeemable state. But the message of Pesach is one of hope, deliverance and the fulfillment of the dream for a better tomorrow.

Read the rest here.

11 April 2014

Shabbat HaGadol


11 Nisan 5774
Erev Shabbat HaGadol

Shabbat Hagadol and Pesach
by Rabbi Dr. Meir Tamari

The Tur in Orech Hayim writes that the Shabbat before Pesach is called Shabbat HaGadol because a great miracle was performed for Israel. Each family took a lamb, the god of Egypt, and tied it to their doorposts and kept it there for four days. They told the Egyptians they were going to slaughter it on the 14th of Nisan and the Egyptians were powerless to do anything to them. That year the 10th of Nisan was a Shabbat.

There are many questions that have to be raised in connection with this. We call the Shabbat before Pesach Shabbat HaGadol, even though in some years it does not fall on the 10th of Nisan. It seems we should rather call the 10th of Nisan, irrespecitive of what day of the week it falls, Ha’asiri HaGadol. We also know that many miracles were done for Israel in Egypt before they were commanded to take the Pascal lamb. Those miracles were very great ones in which the forces of nature were radically changed and shown to be powerless before HaShems’ will. Therefore, those days should be known as HaGadol.; alternatively, if we wish to go to the end of everything, then the day of Makat Bechorot, should be known as HaGadol.

Read the rest here.

26 March 2014

"Mashiach Will Come Suddenly"


24 Adar II 5774

The Baal Shem Tov taught: The day upon which Mashiach will arrive will be a day akin to any other. The business-man will be wheeling and dealing; the tailor will be cutting his material; the woodchopper will wield his ax; the farmer will sow his seeds; the housewife will be washing laundry (the computer technician will be programming computers, the stockbroker be will be watching the markets,) – suddenly a call will be heard: “HE’S HERE! MASHIACH HAS ARRIVED!”

Mashiach’s arrival will be sudden. Malachi prophesized: "וּפִתְאםֹ יָבוֹא אֶל הֵיכָלוֹ הָאָדוֹן אֲשֶׁר
אַתֶּם מְבַקְשִׁים וּמַלְאַךְ הַבְּרִית אֲשֶׁר אַ תֶּם חֲפֵצִים" , ‘Suddenly He will come to His Sanctuary, the Master whom you seek and the angel of the covenant that you yearn for.

...when the ראשון לציון , the first messenger to announce the redemption of Tzion will arrive, הנה הנם , Mashiach will immediately come. There will only be one messenger who will proclaim the news. Immediately after this messenger arrives and announces that Mashiach is on his way, Mashiach will arrive.

The Mashiach of Yosef will arrive suddenly. He will prepare the world for the Mashiach of David who will arrive on a designated day. It is the Mashiach of Yosef that we wait for daily.  (Read the whole thing here)

Eagerly awaiting the news,

23 March 2014

Teshuva = Return


21 Adar 5772
Parshat Vayakhel-Pekudei/Para

Quoting from the commentary of Artscroll's Stone Edition Chumash:

...It is indicative of the great significance of the Tabernacle that most of the last three Torah portions and almost all of Vayakhel and Pekudei are devoted to it. Israel's ability to create a setting for God's Presence is a measure of its greatness and, indeed, a primary reason for its very existence. Its future history would revolve around its worthiness to have the Temple in its midst. When Israel was unfaithful to its trust, God's Presence would depart from the Temple, leaving it an empty shell, devoid of inner holiness. Once that happened, destruction and national exile came quickly. The challenge of the exile is for Israel to return to its former estate, and thereby bring about the era of Messiah and the Third Temple....
The essence of teshuva is "return." It begins with a return to the land. Today, ALL teshuva BEGINS with a return to the Land of Israel. When we are gathered here as we were at Har Sinai, then Hashem will reveal Himself to us once more. And THIS - the revelation of HASHEM - is the revelation of Mashiach.


21 March 2014

The Tenth Parah Adumah


19 Adar 5774

This Shabbat is Parshat Parah.

The reason for reading Parashas Parah before the month of Nisan is to remind those who had become ritually impure through contact with a corpse, to purify themselves so that they could offer the Pesach sacrifice at the proper time.

...Although the Beis ha-Mikdash has been destroyed because of our sins, and we no longer have sacrificial offerings nor ritual purification so as to be able to eat sanctified foods, we nevertheless hold fast to the teachings of purification and we study its precepts at the proper time. By doing so, it is as if we have purified ourselves of our defilement and have prepared ourselves to offer our sacrifices at their set time.

...This mitzvah was given to Israel on Rosh Chodesh Nisan in the second year after they had left Egypt - on the day when the Tabernacle was first erected and put into use. At that time, all Israel - including those who had not come into contact with a corpse - had to be ritually purified with the mixture of the ashes of the parah adumah and spring water, for they had all been defiled through the incident of the golden calf. Idolatry imparts the same type of ritual impurity as does contact with the dead.

When God became reconciled with Israel and commanded them to build the Tabernacle so that He might dwell in their midst, He gave them this mitzvah as a means of purifying themselves.

From the time that this mitzvah was first given until the destruction of the second Beis ha-Mikdash, there were nine red heifers. ...The tenth parah adumah will be prepared by the Mashiach, may he come speedily in our days.  (The Book of Our Heritage by Eliyahu Kitov)
Shabbat shalom,

Out of Touch with Reality


28 Shevat 5772

Tel Aviv seems to be blissfully unaware that it is sitting in the shadow of 100,000 missiles. This self-proclaimed homosexual "capital of the world" has again thumbed its nose at the King of the Universe.

Tel Aviv Approves Public Transportation on Shabbat
Members of the Tel Aviv City Council - the first Jewish city built by Zionists - approved on Monday a proposal to operate public transportation on Shabbat, Channel 10 News reported.

The proposal was passed by a vote of 13 supporters against seven opponents. The proposal, which was presented by the Meretz party’s representative in city council, was supported by Mayor Ron Huldai.
Its days are truly numbered. The countdown has already begun.


Nothing Sacred


Rosh Chodesh Adar

Not that there is anything holy about the Quran, but what if it was Jewish holy books?

Afghans angry over Quran burnings attack US base
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Afghan police on Thursday fired shots in the air to disperse hundreds of protesters who tried to break into an American military base in the country's east to vent their anger over this week's Quran burnings incident.

The fresh violence came one day after clashes between Afghan troops and protesters broke out in the capital and in three eastern provinces over the incident, leaving at least seven people dead and dozens wounded.

The Quran burnings have roiled Afghans and set off riots in an illustration of the intensity of the anger at what they perceive as foreign forces flouting their laws and insulting their culture. The U.S. has apologized for the burnings, which took place at a military base near Kabul, and said it was a mistake.

..."Hundreds of our people in Laghman province gathered because of the burning of the holy book by the Americans," said protester Mohammad Issa.

"Everyone is so emotional. The burning of Quran broke our hearts and we are attacking the PRT because they are American," he said, using the acronym for the provincial reconstruction teams.

...The unrest started Tuesday when Afghan workers at the main American military base, Bagram Air Field, saw soldiers dumping books in a pit where garbage is burned and noticed Qurans and other religious material among the trash.

I don't believe for a minute that it was a "mistake." Let's face it, Eisavian culture has no concept of holiness. The only thing sacred in the West is the "Almighty Dollar."


The Tenth Para Aduma


19 Adar 5774

This Shabbat is Parshat Para.

The reason for reading Parashas Parah before the month of Nisan is to remind those who had become ritually impure through contact with a corpse, to purify themselves so that they could offer the Pesach sacrifice at the proper time.

...Although the Beis ha-Mikdash has been destroyed because of our sins, and we no longer have sacrificial offerings nor ritual purification so as to be able to eat sanctified foods, we nevertheless hold fast to the teachings of purification and we study its precepts at the proper time. By doing so, it is as if we have purified ourselves of our defilement and have prepared ourselves to offer our sacrifices at their set time.

...This mitzvah was given to Israel on Rosh Chodesh Nisan in the second year after they had left Egypt - on the day when the Tabernacle was first erected and put into use. At that time, all Israel - including those who had not come into contact with a corpse - had to be ritually purified with the mixture of the ashes of the parah adumah and spring water, for they had all been defiled through the incident of the golden calf. Idolatry imparts the same type of ritual impurity as does contact with the dead.

When God became reconciled with Israel and commanded them to build the Tabernacle so that He might dwell in their midst, He gave them this mitzvah as a means of purifying themselves.

From the time that this mitzvah was first given until the destruction of the second Beis ha-Mikdash, there were nine red heifers. ...The tenth parah adumah will be prepared by the Mashiach, may he come speedily in our days. (The Book of Our Heritage by Eliyahu Kitov)
Shabbat shalom,

15 March 2014



14 Adar II 5774

Eat, Drink and Be Merry: A Spiritual Celebration
by Rabbi Yehudah Prero

"For the Conductor, On the Ayeles HaShachar, a psalm by David." So begins Psalm 22, which, commentators explain, alludes to Queen Esther and her trials and tribulations. The psalm, towards the end of its description of our request for deliverance from exile and persecution, states, "the humble will eat and be satisfied, those who seek Hashem will praise Him..."

Rav Shlomo Kluger explains that this portion of the psalm is alluding to the fact that on Purim, we are commanded to "eat, drink and be merry." This commandment is in stark contrast with the way we are told to celebrate Chanukah, "to give thanks and praise." The difference in how we celebrate these two holidays stems from an intrinsic difference between the miracles that we commemorate on these two holidays.

Read the rest here. And have a joyous Purim!

13 March 2014

Ta'anit Esther - Fasting as a Form of Warfare


11 Adar II 5774

I once learned that when a Haman comes along and wants to physically destroy us, the proper response is a spiritual one - prayer and fasting; whereas, when the Greeks came along and wanted to destroy us spiritually, the appropriate response was to go to physical battle against them.

On this very day, in the Land of Israel, the Jews are under attack from both sides. The Hamas and Islamic Jihad are raining rockets down on our cities in an attempt to physically annihilate us and what is our response - to attack them with jets and tanks and helicopters. The Erev Rav regime is working tirelessly to destroy yiddishkeit in Eretz Yisrael and what is our response - to call a mass atzeret tefillah.

It would seem that our enemies have nothing to fear from us as we no longer understand how to effectively fight our battles.  I noticed something interesting however, but I have no source for it. After the evil decree of Haman was annulled, we went out and did physical battle with our enemies and in the time of the Greeks, once they had been defeated in battle, we rededicated the Temple and instituted prayers of praise and thanksgiving for all time.

So, it all goes together - prayer and fasting and physical warfare - only the order is reversed in each circumstance.  Hopefully someone better informed than I will comment on why this might be so or perhaps will provide us with a source for these ideas. I do not recall where I learned it.

In any event, I find it also interesting that while the celebration of Purim begins with fasting, it ends with feasting. Let it all be done in purity and holiness and thereby will we merit God's blessings. And remember that teshuva comes before all...

"If only My people would hearken to Me, if Israel would go in My ways. In a short time I would subdue their enemies and upon their enemies I would return My hand." (Tehillim 81:14-15)

Tzom kal,