30 May 2014

Shavuot Thoughts: "Cutting the Torah Down to Size"


Rosh Chodesh Sivan 5774

The following has been excerpted from a much longer and very interesting article from Yeshiva World News...

There’s More to Shavous Than Cheescake

A small community wanted to have a Sefer Torah written for its synagogue. After many months the Torah was ready. The people planned a day of celebration for when the Torah would be brought to their synagogue.As part of the festivities, the Rav of the community would drape the Torah with a beautiful mantel (covering). The women in the town would each make a covering that would eventually be used on different occasions. The nicest one however, would be chosen to enwrap the Torah on the day of the festivities.

All the women worked feverishly to produce beautiful works of art. The day of festivities came and the Rav and leader of the community were asked to choose which was the nicest.

After examining each one carefully, the Rav and leader of the community both agreed that the purple one with the multicolored embroidery depicting Mount Sinai was the most suitable one.

The elderly woman who had made it was thrilled beyond words. She felt that all her arduous work had been worthwhile, for now she would have the honor of having her handiwork bedeck the new Sefer Torah. Her family shared in her pride.

The Rav picked up the covering and started to slip it over the Torah. But it wouldn’t fit. He tried to tug it, pull it and yank it, but it was simply too short. The people were surprised, but the woman who had made it was aghast. How could she have made it so small? Her pride quickly turned to humiliation.

The Rav and leader of the community conferred for a few moments and they agreed that they would have to choose another covering. When their decision became obvious, the elderly woman ran up to them and cried out, “Wait, I have an idea! You can still use my covering!”

“And how do you suppose that could be done?” asked the Rav.

“It’s very simple, ” answered the woman. “Just cut the Torah down to size, and it will surely fit!”

After telling this parable, Rav Blech continued on with this message.

“Surely all of us would agree that the woman’s suggestion was ludicrous. Yet how many of us, in our daily lives, do exactly what that woman proposed to do?

We each have a certain life style that we feel is suitable for ourselves. At times, though, what we may perceive as desirable and important is in violation of Torah or Rabbinic law. What we SHOULD do is readjust our priorities. However, what many try to do, instead, is find a way to bend the law, and perhaps even “cut down” one aspect of Torah, so that the Torah will seem to suit our desires- when actually we should be seeing to it that our lives fit the criteria of the Torah.”

Shabbat shalom and Chag HaBikkurim Sameach!

27 May 2014

Thank You, Hashem, for Yerushalayim!


28 Iyar 5774
Day 43 of the Omer
Yom Yerushalayim

With tremendous thanks to HKB"H for the return of Holy Yerushalayim and the unique privilege this generation has to pray at the Kotel and to ascend the Temple Mount. May we merit to see the Third Beit Hamikdash and true peace in the City of Peace.

Enjoy the stunning views in the following video.  Just tune out the commentary.

Happy Jerusalem Day!

26 May 2014

Guests Are Gone - Time to Clean House


27 Iyar 5774
Day 42 of the Omer

Boy, am I glad that's over! Throw open the windows and let in the fresh air. The smell of Poop will dissipate now that he's gone.

One good thing comes from this - right before Yom Yerushalayim, nothing makes us value and appreciate our Holy City more than the threat of it being taken away.

So, we must put ourselves in a thankful mood and be grateful for all that Hashem has given us. And pay a visit to the Old City while you still can

Yerushalmi at heart,

25 May 2014

Going Dark til the Tumah Leaves


25 Iyar 5774
Day 40 of the Omer

Mashiach's Wife is in mourning over the desecration and trampling of the holy places by the tumah - the impurity - of the false religion and it's leader who attempt at every moment of every day to sell a false mashiach to a troubled and confused world. They are selling a lie which entraps and enslaves the minds of those who believe in it.

We, Jews, stand for Truth above all - the Truth that can only be found in the Book of Truth - our Holy Torah. We abhor and deny the idea that there is any other truth!!

And Mashiach's Wife wholeheartedly rejects the idea that Mashiach is anything but another creation of the One Above and is no way equal to Him, God forbid!!

Note the dictionary definition of "pontiff" - a former title of pagan high priest at Rome, later used of popes....

Spread this far and wide with my blessing,

16 May 2014

01 May 2014

Transforming Hearts and Minds Before Mashiach


1 Iyar 5774
Rosh Chodesh Bet
16 Days of the Omer

The following is a very positive reflection of where the people are holding in preparation for the revelation of Mashiach.  They are now realizing that the political State has no answers and that we can no longer continue living with this status quo.

“David the Nahal Soldier” goes viral. Army chief: Facebook is not a tool of command

...The Facebook campaign, “We are with David the Nahal soldier” had already garnered 100,000 “likes” in support of soldier David Admov by Thursday morning. The suggestion conveyed was that the IDF is losing control of its  soldiers and the government losing ground on the country’s political agenda.

...The uproar isn’t just the result of army policy; it is also rooted in the actions of the political class.

...Many Israelis are fed up with the song and dance surrounding the talks with the Palestinians. They don’t have any idea what is on the table, what is being discussed, and what the true final objectives are.

...These actions don’t happen in a vacuum. They happen, and they are on the rise because young Israelis wonder why the law they are required to uphold and obey is not being enforced on the Arab street. They wonder why Palestinian terrorists, mainly from Hamas and Hizb al-Tahrir, can barricade themselves inside Al Aqsa with no action by Israeli law enforcement. When the “we are with David the Nahal soldier” generation watched the news April 29, they saw thousands of people marching through Ramallah, carrying green Hamas flags and shouting “Ya Qassam, Ya Qassam, destroy Tel Aviv!” Asking why they must accept this, and finding no answer from the Israeli establishment, this generation is providing its own answers.

Ultimately, the problem lies with the lack of leadership in Israel, where the rule of law is weak.

...the soldiers supporting David aren’t willing to be tools in a political agenda.

Besorot tovot~