30 June 2014

Insufficient Tears


3 Tamuz 5774

The three Israeli kidnapped teenagers were found dead in Palestinian Kachil village. Cabinet to meet

Apparently, Hashem considers our tears insufficient to annul the evil decrees which this month brings each year.

May the tears we shed in mourning over these three innocent boys be a kapparah for all Am Yisrael and be accepted in Shamayim as sufficient to usher in the Mashiach and the geulah shleimah.

Hashem yinakem damam,

23 June 2014

The Coming Month of Tammuz 5774


25 Sivan 5774

The world is enveloped in a whirlwind of change. Just since Shavuot, here at home we have the IDF routing Hamas from many places with a free hand, and abroad, Iraq is falling to ISIS forces and the US appears helpless to stop it. Big things are happening and big changes are coming.

On Shabbat, it will be Rosh Chodesh Tammuz - a time when we begin to dread the fast days and their portents which come into view. But, there will come a time, when we've reached the age of Mashiach when all of that will turn around and the fast days will become holidays...

See this excerpt from Two Kinds of Good: Lessons for the Month of Tammuz by Sarah Schneider.

...On the sixteenth of Tammuz we expected Moses’s return to camp, tablets in hand. We miscalculated by six hours and when he delayed we assumed the worst and imagined him dead on the mountaintop. We panicked, some more than others (and the women not at all). The Egyptian multitudes that accompanied the Israelites quickly regressed to old ways, to the security of graven images, and they convinced many Israelites to follow suit. With Aaron’s reluctant assistance they fashioned a Golden Calf to replace Moses as leader and guide.

Upon his descent, when Moses beheld their desecration he cast the Tablets to the ground. They shattered and we lost the moment. We were six hours away from eternal paradise. If we had closed the deal, if the Tablets had entered our possession, the seventeenth of Tammuz would have opened the gates to the ultimate paradigm shift. Death would have been swallowed up forever, and we would have stepped straight into the Golden Age of Mashiach and the World-to-Come. That’s what was scheduled for this month.

Instead it became the start of all our woes. And yet G-d always plants healing tools inside our hardships. Since Tammuz is the month of our fall, it must also provide the key to its repair.

May we see it fulfilled THIS 4th month called the month of Tammuz,