26 October 2014

Mar Cheshvan


2 Marcheshvan 5775

by Rabbi Ari Goldwag
...Cheshvan is a time that is “bitter,” for there seems to be no opportunities for growth and spiritual connection. It is a time of deterioration, as the leaves wither and the world enters a state of deep hibernation. And yet, it is also a time when the rains begin, when the potential for future growth is being sown. It is a time when spiritual darkness reigns, yet when spiritual growth begins deep beneath the surface. It is the moment when Rachel passes on, when all seems bleak, when the darkness of exile closes in; and it is the moment of the birth of Benjamin, the seed of the Jewish people's perfected state, which is sown in that very darkness.

...The message of Cheshvan is that despite the darkness, and even because of the darkness, there is future growth that awaits us.

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Shavua tov and chodesh tov~

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